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US Military Shooting Package for only $99.00

November 21, 2012

Come find the difference between the rifles used in WW2 and the present.

For only $99.00 you will beable to shoot the following: M1 Garande, 1911 Colt, M-14 and Ar-15.

Price includes one mag up to 10 rounds for each gun. Eye and ear protection is supplied for the shoot.

Want to upgrade? Try shooting a 50 caliber AR50. It shoots a 50 caliber BMG. This is a 640 grain round that shoots out at 3200 feet per second. The extra round is only $20.

We can also supply some exploding targets for a bang up time.

Give us a call when you are in Tahoe or Reno at 775 741 0735. Texting works even better.

We look to seeing you out there and feeling a part of history.

We organize bachelor parties for all groups and sizes. We use local shooting areas and rifle ranges. Reservations are highly recommended.


Shooting is family fun.

November 20, 2010

Want something to do different while at Tahoe or Reno? Take your family shooting.

You would be surprised how many requests we get from moms and dads asking if we will give their children an introduction to marksmanship. Of course we will.

Requirements? Be able to listen and be safe.

We will start out with safety, then move on to shooting 22 caliber pistol and rifle. By the time I get done, everyone will beable to hit a target. It is great fun as well as learning a great skill.

Next time you are in the Reno / Lake Tahoe area, give us a call at 775 741 0735. We would love to take you out shooting.

We have discounts for childern and ladies.

Auto Triggers

November 7, 2010

At the Reno Gun Show, I bought a device that is to turn any semi auto gun into a look a like full auto firearm. It works on a “bump fire” premis.

For $40 you get a small metal clip that fits on the trigger guard of your firearm and you must adjust the device to fire in a full auto mode.

My thoughts?

First, it is a waste of money. This is a bump fire method.

Second, it requires a lot of time to adjust the trigger assist and I was told by the distributor, it took him a month to make it work.

Three, It is not user friendly. It will take practice to use it if it works out.

It is better to buy a full auto and pay the tax stamp then to pay with this silly machine.

Full autos are only good in suppressing hostile fire, aiding in organized withdrawal, making a lot of noise, and wasting money.

To learn more, visit or

We look forward to hearing from your.

Try a New Firearm, Rent a Gun!

September 15, 2010

Nevada Gun Rental offers those who want to try something new an inexpensive way to shoot.

We carry all types of firearms. 22, 38, 45. 50 cal, 454 casul just to name a few.

We offer in depth training or just enough to give you a feel to try something different.

Our Range Masters all have practical experience. No question is ever considered silly or unimportant.

Next time you are in Reno, give us a call. We would love to take you out shooting.

We can arrange for pickup and return. Some of our ranges are just minutes from downtown. We shoot out doors.

Try some of our exploding targets. You will get a bang out of them.

We look forward to meeting you and providing a memorable time.

Give us a call 775 741 0745.