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US Military Shooting Package for only $99.00

November 21, 2012

Come find the difference between the rifles used in WW2 and the present.

For only $99.00 you will beable to shoot the following: M1 Garande, 1911 Colt, M-14 and Ar-15.

Price includes one mag up to 10 rounds for each gun. Eye and ear protection is supplied for the shoot.

Want to upgrade? Try shooting a 50 caliber AR50. It shoots a 50 caliber BMG. This is a 640 grain round that shoots out at 3200 feet per second. The extra round is only $20.

We can also supply some exploding targets for a bang up time.

Give us a call when you are in Tahoe or Reno at 775 741 0735. Texting works even better.

We look to seeing you out there and feeling a part of history.

We organize bachelor parties for all groups and sizes. We use local shooting areas and rifle ranges. Reservations are highly recommended.


Looking for a good instructor?

November 14, 2010

When looking for a good instructor, look for someone you can connect with and is excited to be there with you.

In addition, look for someone who can shoot as well as instruct and has actual experience in the field he is teaching.

Not all instructors can shoot and not all shooters can instruct.

At Nevada Gun Rental, it you do not learn and enjoy your instruction with us, we will refund your money. Who else will do that for you?

Give us a call. We know what we are talking about. You will have a great time and learn alot.

All of our instructors have experience and love what they are doing.

Josh Ketcham, Owner and instructor for Mountain Survival Inc. and Nevada Recreation.

Tactical Firearms Training for the Real World

November 10, 2010

More individuals than ever are signing up for tactical firearms training and other types of self defense to learn some of the different tactics and procedures that might come in handy one day. One top reason is the confidence level that this will give you during the training process and beyond. This also gives you a chance to learn your gun inside and out along with different tips and tricks to keeping it working effectively and cleanly.

Give us a call at 775 741 0735. We can train individuals or groups. All types of weapons from handguns to Full Auto Machine Guns.

We have practical experience and have been teaching for over 40 Years. If you are not happy with your training, we will refund your investment or make it right.

Josh Ketcham, your instructor when he was 5. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Nevada recreation, Lake Tahoe Recreation, Mountain Survival and survival inc.

Beginners Firearm Training at Reno/ Lake Tahoe

October 10, 2009

Nevada Recreation and NevadaGunRental has a great promotion. For only $89.00 you get a choice of shooting any three of the following: AR-15, SKS, AK-47 or an AUG. In addition you have a choice of firing either a full auto MP-5 or a Mac 11. You will receive training on sighting, handling and firing on any four. You get 10 rounds per firearm rifles and 25 rounds for the full auto selection.

If this sounds like something for you, give us a call at 775 741 0735. We are located in Reno and serve Lake Tahoe. Look us up on our website or

Bachelor Parties Take on a new Direction in Entertainment

June 10, 2009

Nevada Gun seem to attracting a new clientele. Bachelor

parties. This seem strange, but it is a far cry from drunken all nighters and questionable night time entertainers.

First, you and not shoot when you are drunk and second, I have yet to see anyone fire a full automatic machine gun and not smile after the first burst.

No only is it fun, but some skill in required to hit a golf ball and make it fly down range. Want to blow up some watermelons, ice blocks or hit metal targets. It is better than a video game.

Who knows what else you will see on the range? Perhaps a mini gun or an M-60 Door gun blowing the heck out of anything in its path.

So if you are looking for something different in a bachelor party, Give a shot.

If you do not know how to shoot? Do not worry. We have range masters that will gladly assist you. They are not like your old DI’s. Or Masters are all certified to carry and have had real life experiences in the profession of arms.

See you soon.