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James Bond Shooting Package for only $99.00

November 22, 2012

Come and shoot one of the types of guns used in the James Bond series.
We have the PPKS, AK 47, 44 Mag, Mac 11, Fn PS90, 1911 Colt and MP5. Our package includes any of the three and includes a full magazine up to 20 rounds. We also supply eye and ear protection as well as a target. Additional guns can be added for only $25 per gun and will receive a full mag.

Call or text Nevada Gun Rental at 775 741 0735 and include the package “James Bond”.


US Military Shooting Package for only $99.00

November 21, 2012

Come find the difference between the rifles used in WW2 and the present.

For only $99.00 you will beable to shoot the following: M1 Garande, 1911 Colt, M-14 and Ar-15.

Price includes one mag up to 10 rounds for each gun. Eye and ear protection is supplied for the shoot.

Want to upgrade? Try shooting a 50 caliber AR50. It shoots a 50 caliber BMG. This is a 640 grain round that shoots out at 3200 feet per second. The extra round is only $20.

We can also supply some exploding targets for a bang up time.

Give us a call when you are in Tahoe or Reno at 775 741 0735. Texting works even better.

We look to seeing you out there and feeling a part of history.

We organize bachelor parties for all groups and sizes. We use local shooting areas and rifle ranges. Reservations are highly recommended.

Ladies Gun Rental Special. A Great Variety.

October 11, 2011

Ladies, we have special classes for you. Learn how to shoot, try 5 different guns and find the one right for you and learn how to operate a rifle. Your life may depend upon it.

Give us a call at 775 741 0735. — Your Blogging Home

The Ruger Mini 14

December 19, 2010

The Ruger Mini 14 is one of the small rifles that can easily attract a gun enthusiast. Developed from the late 60s to the early 70s the first Mini 14s were sold in 1973. It immediately became a popular rifle for many gun enthusiasts because of its size and practical use. The gun can easily work with two types of cartridges: the Remington 5.6mm and the 6.8mm.

Performance: As the name suggests, the Mini-14 is relatively lightweight compared to other rifles. The gun weighs less than 3 kilograms (more than 6 pounds) and its barrel length is only measured at 18.5 inch. Because of its weight and size, it’s often considered by gun enthusiasts for hunting. There is also a variety issued for law enforcement but their version has full automatic option.

The main selling point of the rifle is on fusion. Ruger has learned a lot in building smarter and stronger rifles. Thus the Mini 14 is often considered a fusion of two of the most well known rifles in the world: the M-14 and the AK-47. The looks of the rifle is almost the same as AK-47 except that it’s a lot smaller but the strength and configuration of the rifle is a lot closer to the M-14. With this fusion, gun enthusiasts will get the firepower of the M-14 with the ease of use found in AK-47. It’s practically a powerful rifle encapsulated in an easy to operate rifle.

Give it a try at

We provide a service of trying before you buy.

July 6, 2009

You go to a gun shop and see a gun you want to purchase but are not sure. Will you like it? Will it shoot the way you expect it? Can you return it if it is not to your liking? What can you do to make a better judgment on your investment?


We have a variety of rifles, pistols and machine guns for you to rent and see if that is the type of firearm for you.

Lately, we have been renting to law enforcement officers who are from states that do not allow full automatic weapons. How can they defend themselves against an individual who is firing at them with one?

At Nevada Recreation Inc, they become familiar with the real capabilities of assault weapon malfunctions and machine gun short falls and have a better insight on dealing with someone pointing them in their direction. It is not easy to hit a target in full auto. Also, guns run out of ammo faster than in the movies. This educates the law enforcement officer that during a reload, now is the time to manuver into a better position and place that well aimed shot to eliminate the threat.

Come give us a shot and lean the reality of full auto weapons vs semi auto. Sure you can shoot more rounds faster, but you have to reload and it is difficult for you to hit your target.

You will learn that a good deer rifle is deadlier than a full auto sub machine gun.

Call Nevada Recreation for you next firearm training encounter.

A well place shot is more effective than a spray of many.

A well place shot is more effective than a spray of many.

Bachelor Parties Take on a new Direction in Entertainment

June 10, 2009

Nevada Gun seem to attracting a new clientele. Bachelor

parties. This seem strange, but it is a far cry from drunken all nighters and questionable night time entertainers.

First, you and not shoot when you are drunk and second, I have yet to see anyone fire a full automatic machine gun and not smile after the first burst.

No only is it fun, but some skill in required to hit a golf ball and make it fly down range. Want to blow up some watermelons, ice blocks or hit metal targets. It is better than a video game.

Who knows what else you will see on the range? Perhaps a mini gun or an M-60 Door gun blowing the heck out of anything in its path.

So if you are looking for something different in a bachelor party, Give a shot.

If you do not know how to shoot? Do not worry. We have range masters that will gladly assist you. They are not like your old DI’s. Or Masters are all certified to carry and have had real life experiences in the profession of arms.

See you soon.