Nevada Gun Rentals

Giving it a shot

Giving it a shot

A happy group.

A happy group.

Hey!  Want to try something different. Go recreational shooting with You can rent firearms and try them out. You can not take them away but you will be met  at a local range  or other location of your choice in the area and given a safety course and then, “Have a Blast.”

Many bachelor parties are doing this. Who knows why? But have you ever fired a machine gun? An AK-47 or an AUG. Check out the inventory at May your choice and come out.

It is really reasonable entertainment. No one has ever gone away disappointed.

Even if you hate guns, give it a try. You will see that a gun is just a tool. It takes an individual behind it to make it good or bad.

Hope to see you there.

For more information call 775 741 0735

One Response to “Nevada Gun Rentals”

  1. waterlok Says:

    Where are all the Bullets?

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