Question 1 passed on a lie.

Nevada: Nearly half of Nevada Voters Reject Question 1

Bloomberg and his gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, poured millions of dollars into Nevada, allowing Question 1 to narrowly pass 50.45% (yes) – 49.55% (no).  Just as 16 of Nevada’s 17 elected sheriffs opposed Question 1, so did 16 out of 17 counties at the polls.                                  

“The fact that nearly half of Nevada voters rejected Question 1 puts to rest the gun control lie that 90 percent of voters support expanded background checks,” said Robert Uithoven, campaign director for NRA Nevadans for Freedom.  “Voters in every single Nevada county but one rejected Question 1 in favor of freedom.  We are sure this new law will do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  It will only cost law-abiding gun owners time, money, and freedom.”

Question 1 is a poorly drafted initiative with unintended consequences for law-abiding citizens. The few exceptions included in Question 1 use confusing language that leaves law-abiding citizens vulnerable to unknowingly break the law.  In addition, under the flawed manner in which Question 1 was drafted, it cannot be modified or changed for at least three years, so it would be a long time before the problems with the language could be fixed.

The NRA would like to thank all of the legislators, elected officials, law enforcement officials, NRA members, gun owners and our countless volunteers across the state who worked so hard to preserve freedom in Nevada.  Please stay tuned to for any updates.


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