Shooting locations near or in Reno

There are two new indoor shooting ranges in Reno Nevada. The first one is big shop located off of Double Diamond Road. The second one is Reno gun and range located behind the oldHarley Davidson store in Reno. These are nice cilities. The newest one Reno gun and range the owner has invested 6 million + dollars to bring a state-of-the-art shooting facility to the area. The one downfall is that both of them happen to be indoors. They both offer semi auto and full auto shoots.

However Nevada gun rental Services the Reno Lake Tahoe and Carson City areas. We have our own private 240 acre shooting facility located 50 minutes from downtown Reno. Our range goes from 15 feet out to one mile. If there is a small group we can meet you at the Carson City range located in Carson City Monday through Friday. Give us a call at 775 741 0735 and we can help you. Texting actually works better.

When are the shooting area is the Washoe County shooting facility located 21 miles north of Reno on the pyramid Lake Highway. As I understand they are open from Friday to Sunday. They have a full-time Rangemaster and range lanes start at $6 per person.

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