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May be last year for our 2nd Amendment rights.

July 10, 2012

Our right to own guns may be gone if President Obama gets a second term. He has been working under the radar to take our firearms away.

1. Fast and Furious. Holder tried to make it look like American Guns were illegally falling into the Cartels hands and make a case against American Guns but he only had Mexicans and Americans Killed.

2. Ban on our M! rifles being returned from Korea.

3. Using EPA and Osha to shut down shooting areas for air quality and land contamination.

4. If elected he most likely will be in the position to appoint two if not three new Supreme Court Justices who will be liberal and along with Kagen and Sotomayor will intemperate the 2nd Amendment to mean something else.

5. Use health care to ban shooting as harmful.

6. Side with the United Nations to ban small arms.

He has already bypassed Congress with immigration and Health care, we have no one willing to standup for what is right. The people we have elected are spineless and gutless.


Wake up America.