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Things are getting crazy

September 22, 2011

Shootings in Carson City, Shootings in Texas. Shootings around the US. Shootings in the UK and around the world.

People need to protect themselves and the ones close to them. How? Any way they can.

Learning to use a gun is a basic right. It is a tool. It is a tool such as a knife, hammer, fork, fire extingqusher or a car.

You may not want to have one or use one buy when someone is comming toward you and is bigger than you what are you going to do?

When you are in fear for your life, the ability to use a gun is priceless.

911 is too slow. Passerbys do not want to get involved. A cop is too heavy to carry. Now is the time to depend upon yourself. Know your limitations and act accordingly. Learn how to use a firearm.

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