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Pirates Kill Americans, Blame US Navy

February 23, 2011

Pirates captured 4 American citizens and blame their deaths on the US Navy blocking their paths.

The Middle East is exploding and people are being killed by their rulers to keep order.

The unions in the US are boycotting and stiking. People are being injured. What can one do and where can one turn to?

Try relying on your own.

We all believe in freedom and protecting our lives and rights. What are you going do between you dial 911, call MayDay or signal for SOS.

You need to depend upon yourself until you extract yourself from the situation or someone comes and gets you.

We all need to learn how to survive and defend our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Learn these skills. Learn how to shoot, how to negotiate, how to survive.

At Survival Inc, we can teach you how be safer and more reliant upon your own strengths.

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We can start you out on the right path. We do not just teach this way, We live this way.