The Ruger Mini 14

The Ruger Mini 14 is one of the small rifles that can easily attract a gun enthusiast. Developed from the late 60s to the early 70s the first Mini 14s were sold in 1973. It immediately became a popular rifle for many gun enthusiasts because of its size and practical use. The gun can easily work with two types of cartridges: the Remington 5.6mm and the 6.8mm.

Performance: As the name suggests, the Mini-14 is relatively lightweight compared to other rifles. The gun weighs less than 3 kilograms (more than 6 pounds) and its barrel length is only measured at 18.5 inch. Because of its weight and size, it’s often considered by gun enthusiasts for hunting. There is also a variety issued for law enforcement but their version has full automatic option.

The main selling point of the rifle is on fusion. Ruger has learned a lot in building smarter and stronger rifles. Thus the Mini 14 is often considered a fusion of two of the most well known rifles in the world: the M-14 and the AK-47. The looks of the rifle is almost the same as AK-47 except that it’s a lot smaller but the strength and configuration of the rifle is a lot closer to the M-14. With this fusion, gun enthusiasts will get the firepower of the M-14 with the ease of use found in AK-47. It’s practically a powerful rifle encapsulated in an easy to operate rifle.

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