Thanksgiving Bachelor Party

The weather gave us a respite for a bachelor party we hosted.

The clients were all new to shooting so we started out with 22 caliber rifles and introduced them to the basics of shooting. They all caught on very quickly.

From there we went with the usual. AK 47, AR 15, and the famous AUG.

Targets ranged from just a few feet to 100 yards. With the weather being questionable and wet, we went with steel rims and plates, two bowling pins and a dozen of ice filled bottles. Our new shooter did really well.

After the rifle section, we introduce them to the 454 Raging Bull. This was a big band. After that was the 357 and then the 38 special.

For the semi auto, we went to the FN five two. It was fast and accurate.

We finished up with the full autos which include the MP 5 and the Mac 11.

The final note was blowing up the paper target with a 12 gage bullpup Moss berg riot shotgun. They did a real number on the target.

The whole gig lasted for and hour and a half. Everyone was happy.

If you are thinking for something different for a party, give us a call at Nevada Gun Rental. 775 741 0735. We can arrange anything to meet almost any budget.

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