Auto Triggers

At the Reno Gun Show, I bought a device that is to turn any semi auto gun into a look a like full auto firearm. It works on a “bump fire” premis.

For $40 you get a small metal clip that fits on the trigger guard of your firearm and you must adjust the device to fire in a full auto mode.

My thoughts?

First, it is a waste of money. This is a bump fire method.

Second, it requires a lot of time to adjust the trigger assist and I was told by the distributor, it took him a month to make it work.

Three, It is not user friendly. It will take practice to use it if it works out.

It is better to buy a full auto and pay the tax stamp then to pay with this silly machine.

Full autos are only good in suppressing hostile fire, aiding in organized withdrawal, making a lot of noise, and wasting money.

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