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Islamic Terrorists

October 29, 2010

I am tired of being politically correct.

Being PC seems to mean turning a blind eye to the world around us.

We as Americans are to be tolerant of other belief and ideas. But when the other ideas are to destroy our way of life, our families and our country and place us under their oppression, political correctness goes out the window.

We are at war! It is the oppression by one thought to drown out our own freedom of thought. I am talking about Islam and the movement behind it.

It was individuals who believed in the followings of Muhammad that attacked the World Trade Centers twice, blew up the USS Cole, Shot soldiers at FT. Hood, tried to attack Ft. Dix in NJ. (you forgot about that), calls for the elimination of Israel just to name a few instances.

Now these people who believe in Islam are using our cargo system to spread their reign of terror in the US. They did it in Spain, they are doing it in France, They have done it in England.

See them for what they are.

Not all Germans were Nazi’s, not all Japanese were loyal to the Emperor but we took steps to protect us.

We are at war and we have spys in out own ranks. It is time to wake up and protect your family, your town, your country.

God, Bless America