College Students get Intro to Firearms in Reno

This weekend three young men and one young lady were introduced to various guns while staying in Reno/ Lake Tahoe. They hvae never fired a gun before but were interested on the feel and difficulty of firing an actual weapon.

One student was a video game developer and wanted to see how some of the actual firearms that he had written into his games actually performed in real life and was surprised between what he imagined and what was actual.

All students learned the basics of firearm handling and safety. In addition they learned sight picture, loading, clearing a jam, cleaning of the firearms and point shooting. They practiced on metal targets, balloons filled with water, golf balls and paper targets.

A lot of information was covered in just 3 short hours. It is not enough to make them an expert or even a sharpshooter but sparked enough interest in all of them to want to go shooting again and learn more.

One of the students went so far as to call is Father and suggest that he and his younger brother look into this activity and do it as a family outing.

They all left with a greater respect for firearms and a geat sense of accomplishment.

If you want to try this, contact or and schedule your introduction to firearms. We have rental programs for all beginners and all skill levels.

Give us a call at 775 741 0735 any time.


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