Ammo is easing up, I Think.

I have been receiving calls for parents and family members wanting to go shooting and teach their children and family members the use of a firearm.

It also seems that ammo seems to be flowing slowly back on the market. In addition to this, many retailers such as Wal-Mart and Scheels are limiting the amount of ammo an individual can buy in a 24 hour period. It this a good idea?

On one side you have hording or ammo by individuals and then reselling it at a highter price.

On the other hand you have the limitations associated with only being able to purchase a few rounds but more people having access to ammo.

Hording is wrong and limitation on ammo is just a stepping stone to limiting the amount of ammo an individual can have.

You decide. As for me, as soon as the fear disappears of firearms being restircted, things will get back to normal.

Speaking of normal, look at Iran and the elections. The government is censoring the web, media and reporters from relaying the actuality of the situation. Then look at the US and how ABC is only allowing one side of the Health care issue to be reported.

Back to arms, this is the only way our Constitution has teeth to protect the freedoms given to all Americans.

I think ammo is easing up.


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