Bachelor Parties Take on a new Direction in Entertainment

Nevada Gun seem to attracting a new clientele. Bachelor

parties. This seem strange, but it is a far cry from drunken all nighters and questionable night time entertainers.

First, you and not shoot when you are drunk and second, I have yet to see anyone fire a full automatic machine gun and not smile after the first burst.

No only is it fun, but some skill in required to hit a golf ball and make it fly down range. Want to blow up some watermelons, ice blocks or hit metal targets. It is better than a video game.

Who knows what else you will see on the range? Perhaps a mini gun or an M-60 Door gun blowing the heck out of anything in its path.

So if you are looking for something different in a bachelor party, Give a shot.

If you do not know how to shoot? Do not worry. We have range masters that will gladly assist you. They are not like your old DI’s. Or Masters are all certified to carry and have had real life experiences in the profession of arms.

See you soon.


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