Family Recreational Shooting

This last weekend I had the pleasure of introducing various firearms to some young adults.

Their father made arrangements for them to come out and fire various firearms including MP5, AK 47, AUG, SKS, M-14 and some 22 caliber pistols.

They young men had played video games in the past as well as shot skeet but have not had the chance to fire military rifles. They jumped at the chance.

They learned the difference on the accuracy of all of the weapons and gained a new respect for the firearms. They learned that this was very different from playing video games, where you have no malfunctions and unlimited ammo, to firing the real thing.

At the end of the day, they all gained a new respect for the operation of the guns and became more safety aware then in the past.

Maybe it is time for you to bring your charges out and teach them the respect for firearms and the difference between a video game and the real thing.


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