Carring Guns in National Parks

I was reviewing some of the blogs on carring guns in National Parks. I ran across this answer to the concern of one bloggest. It state most of my position as well. Please read it and see what you fee.

“Here are some of my thoughts after reading your response.

1. You “[are] against it simply because I don’t like the idea of others around me being armed.”
– there are already laws making it illegal for criminals to possess guns and there are laws that would punish someone for being negiligent with a firearm. That being said, people who have no regard for those laws are already carrying guns in the national parks. It is only the law abiding citizens who are not.

2. “But wouldn’t it be appropriate to have places where nobody is allowed to be armed?”
– Yes if everyone would abide by the law. The fact people don’t is why I have a job. And we already have these places. They are called schools and churches. Which is why we see some of the worst massacres involving guns at those locations, because no one there can carry a gun and defend themselves.

3. “What kind of world is one in which you have to be armed to feel safe? ”
– There is a reason we have police officers and military. There are people out there intent on committing evil and are willing to use whatever is necessary to keep themselves from being caught. The only way to be safe in their presence is to match them.

4. “But I do not buy into the NRA’s implication that murderers, rapists and drug manufacturers are nearly as likely to confront hikers and bikers in the woods as they are pedestrians in dark alleys. Isn’t that an alarmist, perhaps paranoid attitude?”
– I bet Joie Armstrong, the parks naturalist killed in Foresta (Yosemite) by Cary Stayner (who already raped and killed three women just outside the park near El Portal) believed it was not as likely also to have to face this. Wouldn’t it have been nice for Joie and/or her family if she had potentially been carrying a gun that day and she could have saved her life.

– The book “Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite” documents numerous homicides that have taken place in the national park. This book is written by a former park superintendent.
– Also, frequently I have been in the outdoors and seen people that, based on my training and experience, I know to be involved in criminal activity. When you are in the backcountry, you have nowhere to run or hide, no 911 to call, no police to respond within 4 minutes. When your life is threatened (fortunately mine has not to this point) you need a tool for protection, not idealism.”



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