One major step forward for Gun Rights.

The following is from another post on Gun Rights. It come from a radio talk show dealing with our right to keep and bear arms. Or arm bears on the other hand. Here is the link:

The event goes as follows:

“The big win for gun rights last week in Congress was the restoration of our ability to carry guns on federal lands — national parks. This is the latest in a string of events — the Bush Administration restored our right to carry in parks before Obama took office. A lawsuit by the anti-gun rights cartel challenged that, and an activist judge blocked us from carrying on federal land, which we own.

Then, Senator Tom Coburn, from Oklahoma, put an amendment onto the credit card bill which was rushing through congress. Ignore, for the moment, that nowhere in the constitution does congress have the ability to regulate credit cards, and focus on what Sen. Coburn accomplished. His amendment removes the prohibition on concealed carry in national parks. Once it goes into effect several months from now, state laws apply in the parks. If you are legal to carry in that state, you are legal to carry in the national park in that state.

Two interesting things to note:

1. In the House, 105 democrats voted for this bill. Clearly, these democrats do not want to place a recorded vote against gun rights.

2. Before the bill’s passage, much the media was screaming about how licensed, trained permit holders would be gunning down children in parks if this were passed. None of them — not one that I could find — mentioned that it has been legal to have loaded guns in many national parks and refuges in Alaska since 1980, and this has not prompted any mass shootings.

The day after the bill passed, the New York Times and the Washington Post ran stories about the credit card bill and what it would mean to the public, but they left out any mention of the restoration of gun rights to national parks. I guess their “end of the world” warnings weren’t important once they lost.”


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